Learn How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home When Having Exterior Photos Taken


By on August 19th, 2019 in Photo & Video

Learn How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home When Having Exterior Photos Taken

If you are having the exterior of your home photographed, whether to sell it, for a brochure, or for any other reason, remember that cleaning and preparing the interior is only half of the process – you also want to prepare the exterior. Get some tips on how to do so by continuing to read. Then contact Neue Focus at (424) 303-1351 if you would like to consult with a photographer.

Get Rid of Cars and Evidence of Cars

You want pictures of your home – not your car. Close the garage door. Get rid of your car from your driveway. This can mean putting it in the garage or it can mean parking it down the street. Either way, sweep the driveway and make sure you have gotten rid of oil stains or other signs of your car or cars.

Have Your Landscaping Tidied Up

If there is ever a time to hire the professionals to mow your lawn, trim your shrubs, clear up your leaves, and plant a few flowers, it is right before you have your home shot. If you have empty planters, get rid of them. Get rid of all the gear you use to keep your yard looking great, such as hoses. Remember that the goal is to highlight the home – anything that is not actively doing that is a distraction.

Get Rid of Personal Objects

What objects do you have in front of your home or on the exterior that showcase that it is yours? While you may want to show off your personal style if you are having the home photographed for your own benefit, if you are doing it for real estate purposes, then you should remove anything that personalizes your home.

The idea is that you want people to be able to imagine themselves slipping right into your home and making it theirs. Do not have a flag from your favorite sports team hanging from the porch, as a potential buyer may see it and think about how much they like / dislike the team instead of thinking about your home. Put away the toys as it may make an older couple feel as though it is a home suited for younger people. When we visit you for your shoot, we can hep you see items to remove that may personalized your home too much.

Work with the Right Photographer

Every photographer has a point of view and it is up to you to find the right one for your particular project. While it is true that at Neue Focus we are happy to follow your instructions and give you the product you are looking for, it is also true that if you look at our portfolio and do not like what you see, then we are not the right choice. If you are ready to request a consultation or book a shoot, call us at (424) 303-1351.