Ask the Experts: When Should a Food Photographer Be Hired?


By on August 5th, 2019 in Photo & Video

Ask the Experts: When Should a Food Photographer Be Hired?

If you are a restaurant owner or food entrepreneur of another type, you may wonder: When do I hire a professional for food photography? There is a simple answer: As soon as you can afford to do so. However, a more detailed answer helps you understand why hiring a professional is so essential to the growth of your business.

When You Want to Establish a Brand Identity

It is important to know what your brand offers, what it stands for, and what your branding will look like. You should not hire a professional photographer until you have done that. Your goals could change over time, but it is important for your initial marketing materials to have a cohesive brand structure. Your photographer will be much more easily able to create cohesive images when this information is clear to both you and them.

When You Want to Work on Your Marketing Strategy

If you do not know what your marketing strategy is, then you are not ready to start working with a food photographer. Once you know your audience, how you will position yourself, and what your social media marketing strategy will be, then it’s time to work with a photographer who can ensure you get the most out of your images.

When You Want to Increase Sales Channels

Where are you selling your food? We don’t just mean the literal place that you sell your food – such as your restaurant – we mean where are you increasing interest in and beginning the sales process for your food? If you want to sell online, or get people excited to stop by your location, then investing in high quality photos is a must. Remember that no matter how well you describe your food, the main thing your online customers are dealing with are images – make them count.

When You Want to Create a New Menu

Not all menus include photos, and it is sometimes the best decision not to include them. However, it is also sometimes the best decision to have beautiful, full-color photos of your most popular dishes – or your most expensive. If you have a $50 entrée on your men, you will likely find your diners more willing to buy it if they can see how beautiful, rich, and tasty it looks. If part of your menu is rotating, you can simply have your standard meals photographed.

Talk to a Photographer Today

Now is the right time to reach out to a photographer to find out what your options are. At Neue Focus we are happy to talk to you about your restaurant, your marketing goals, and what we can do to improve your business. With our experience, resources, and passion for improving the businesses of our clients, you can count on us for optimal assistance.