The Essential 5 Step Guide to Creating a Successful Listing


By on April 30th, 2019 in Photo & Video

The Essential 5 Step Guide to Creating a Successful Listing


Creating a successful listing is an art, and it’s not easy to learn. When attracting buyers, it’s difficult to know what would appeal to the majority of buyers. However, there are a few universal guidelines that will always help your agent transform your listing from average to amazing.

Thoughtful Listings Are the Most Effective

When working with your agent to create a listing, it’s best to take your time with the process rather than rushing through it. Study the photos your agent is planning to use. Are there distracting elements in the background? Is the lighting flattering? What kind of language is your agent using to describe your home in its description? Is he or she using rich, descriptive language to create a narrative? Or is he or she merely describing the house?

Here Are Our Tips on the 5 Most Effective Ways to Optimize Your Real Estate Listing

1. Create a Narrative with Your Property Description

When reviewing your agent’s description of your property, make sure that the copy is compelling, and not simply a list of the home’s features. The listing should tell a story to help buyers imagine themselves in the space. With the living room, discuss how it’s well-suited for creating memories. Does the master bath have breathtaking sunset views? Show buyers that this is the ideal place to relax after a stressful day. Is the backyard patio spacious? Paint the picture that the backyard is poised for large scale entertaining and BBQs. Stimulating buyers’ imaginations when describing your home is always a sure-fire way to create compelling descriptions.

2. Invest in Drone Photography and 360° Walkthroughs

Drone photography has become an industry standard, and when looking at an aerial shot of a property, it’s not hard to see why. Agents frequently use aerial shots to show buyers more of a property including its surrounding landscape, roof state, proximity to various amenities, and neighborhood layout. If your agent is not planning on utilizing drone photography, talk through their reasoning

360° walkthroughs have also become an industry standard for selling luxury homes in Los Angeles. Unlike regular photography, which doesn’t convey layout, walkthroughs allow the viewer to see how each room of a home fits together. If you’re especially proud of your staging, walkthroughs are an effective way for prospective buyers to see your home remotely. With drone photography and 360° walkthroughs, buyers are more likely to show intrigue in a listing that shows the home from a variety of angles.

3. Hire a Professional Photographer

One of the keys to creating an amazing listing is to be sure that a professional photographer is being used to capture the property. Ask your agent for a list of professionals they’ve used in the past. When vetting a photographer, ask to see their portfolio and decide whether you like his or her style. Once you’ve decided on a photographer, point out to your photographer and agent what you think your home’s “best angles” are, while also staying open to suggestions. Your agent and photographer may have suggestions as to which angles may show off your property most effectively.

4. Ask Your Agent for His or Her Marketing and Listing Launch Plan

Asking your agent for his or her listing launch plan is crucial to staying organized during the sale process. It’s especially helpful to know the dates of your home’s broker’s open, open house, and photography. You should also know where your agent is planning to market your property, as well as whether there are any interest buyers while the home is still off-market. Once you know all the pertinent dates for your listing, it’s time to prepare your property.     

5. Prepare Your Property and Consult with Your Agent

While preparing your home, you and your agent can schedule professional cleaning and landscaping teams the day before each event to ensure that your home is in pristine condition. During this time, your agent may also make other suggestions as to staging, landscaping, and minor repairs that will set your listing apart.