Follow These 3 Tips to Prefect the Photos at Your Family Reunion


By on January 12th, 2019 in Photo & Video

Follow These 3 Tips to Prefect the Photos at Your Family Reunion

Hiring an event photographer to take photograph your family union is a great way to not only capture moments from a once-in-a-lifetime day, but it frees you up from having to worry about snapping shots. You can simply relax, join in the fun, and trust that Neue Focus is getting the job done. However, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure the best photos. Continue reading to learn about them and then contact us at (424) 303-1351 if you would like to book a consultation with a photographer.

    1. Make the Right Clothing Decisions

You’ll note that we are not suggesting any particular color scheme. Note that we are not suggesting any particular type of clothing. We are simply recommending that you take care in choosing the right clothing for the event. This means it should be comfortable and everyone should likely be reasonably coordinated.

You can have people wearing matching shirts, which is a popular choice, or you can simply ask that people wear their preferred shade of a particular color. You may have various sections of the family wear a specific color, or you can have everyone wear identical outfights from top to bottom. The choice is yours, but remember that you are not just taking photos – you also want people to be free to enjoy themselves during the reunion.

    1. It’s All About the Right Photographer

Not to toot our own horn, but as a photography company highly experienced in event photography, we bring a wealth of skills that are necessary to get you the results you want. Not only do we have the equipment and resources, we have the knowledge about lighting. We know how to get candid shots. We know how to get everyone together and still have a good time during posed photos.

Once again, your job should be to enjoy the reunion. When you hire the photographer, you can make all the plans ahead of time and simply let us take over. You’ll have decades to pour over and appreciate the incredible photo keepsakes you have of your special day.

    1. Make Sure Everyone Knows What to Expect

Some people may not be expecting a photographer at your family reunion. Let them know that someone will be there taking candid shots. Let the know exactly when the group photos will be taken. We recommend doing this relatively soon in the day while everyone still looks their best and kids are still full of energy.

We Are Ready to Capture Memories You Will Revisit for Decades to Come

Your family reunion is a truly special experience. When a client chooses us to capture the event, we take that trust seriously. We will meet with you to discuss the specifics of what you want, offer advice if you need it, and be there on the big day to provide exceptional services. Call Neue Focus at (424) 303-1351 now if you would like to speak to us.