5 Reasons Matterport Matters for Your Listing


By on May 4th, 2020 in Photo & Video

5 Reasons Matterport Matters for Your Listing

With so many of us staying home due to the current “shelter in place orders,” the world of real estate is changing. In an industry that hinges on walkthroughs and open houses, how are agents going to adapt to the current times? Our bet: virtually. That is, through Matterport 3D Photography–a digital experience that allows users to view a space virtually from the comfort of their homes, or anywhere in the world. From virtual tagging to customized views, we’ll explore our top 5 reasons why Matterport tech is essential for elevating every real estate listing.

1) Be There Without Being There

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of Matterport is its ability to allow users to tour your listing with a simple click. Matterport technology essentially provides a virtual solution when in-person experiences aren’t available. Once a user enters a virtual tour, they are immediately transported into a high-resolution rendering of your space. By clicking through, users are free to interact  with their surroundings as if they were really there in person. 

2) The Views

With a variety of features like Dollhouse View, Inside View, and Floorplan View, Matterport allows users to see your property from perspectives that just aren’t accessible during an in-person walkthrough. In Dollhouse View, users can see a digital twin of your property from the outside. In this view, they’ll be able rotate the property on any axis, allowing them to see the bigger picture (literally and figuratively). Inside View, on the other hand, allows for a more traditional view of your property. In this view, users can walk through a property room by room, as if they were touring a property in-person. Lastly, Matterport’s Floorplan View lets users see every room in your property from a bird’s eye view, instantly allowing them to understand the layout of the space.

3) The Details

Aside from your listing’s location and layout, we all know that the selling points of a property are often in the details. If your listing features top-of-the-line appliances, cutting-edge security, or notable outdoor features, Mattertags™ can help you showcase those details virtually. By placing tags throughout your virtual listing, you can easily call out notable details through customized notes, videos or photos.

4) Guided Tours

In addition to allowing users to view your property at any time from anywhere, Matterport’s Guided Tours feature similarly allows agents to guide clients through the home. With Guided Tours, the Matterport Data platform allows you to create a video of your space, highlighting the unique details and selling points of your listing. So whether you want to draw attention to details in the master bedroom or highlight the breathtaking view of your home’s backyard vistas, Matterport’s Guided Tours allow you to easily and elegantly customize your content.

5) Everything in One Place

One of the most helpful benefits of using Matterport tech in your listing is its all-in-one function. With more traditional listings, trying to display (and no less remember) all the details about a home can get messy. But with Matterport, you have photos, videos, and summarized features about your listing all in one easy, accessible place.

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