5 Facts About Real Estate Photography That May Surprise You


By on April 24th, 2019 in Photo & Video

5 Facts About Real Estate Photography That May Surprise You

The world of real estate is significantly different than it was a decade ago. Today, most buyers get their information online and know nearly everything about a property before seeing it in person. If you work in the real estate industry or are considering selling your home, then it is worth considering these five facts about real estate photography that may surprise you.


1. Buyers Spend More Time Looking at Photos than Reading a Listing

According to a study published in The Wall Street Journal, buyers looking at online real estate listings spent 60% of their time looking at pictures and just 20% of their time reading the description of the home and the description of the agent. This reason alone is a good enough reason to hire the professionals to shoot your listing.


2. A Huge Percentage of Buyers Say That Photos Are Extremely Important

One survey found that 83% of potential home buyers said that photos were extremely important when they are considering listings. Another study showed that if you do not have a photo on a listing, you have just two seconds to grab a viewer’s attention. The same listing with a photo would give you 20 seconds to grab the attention of the that viewer.


3. Fewer Agents Use Professional Photographers Than You May Think

It may seem that there’s no advantages to hiring a professional real estate photographer, since nearly every other real estate agent is doing so, but this is far from the truth. According to a study, agents who outsourced real estate listing photography to the professionals earned an average of twice as much commission as those who took their own photos – yet only one-third of agents regularly use professional photographers.


4. Fewer than One in Four Real Estate Listings Have High-Quality Photos

The Wall Street Journal also discovered that just over 15% of listings across the country had high-quality photos to represent them. They also found that half of listing worth more than $1 million had low-quality photos.


5. Real Estate Listings with Professional Photos Get More Views

You likely are not surprised to learn that listings with photos get many more views that listings without, but you may be surprised to learn that adding professional photos to a real estate listing can boost online views by upwards of 117%.


When you consider all of these facts about real estate photography, it is easy to see that it is an investment well worth making. To learn more about your options, to discover the process of hiring a photographer, and to get a consultation, contact Neue Focus at (424) 303-1351 right away.