6 Staging Tips for Pet Owners to Sell Their Homes More Quickly


By on March 13th, 2019 in Photo & Video

6 Staging Tips for Pet Owners to Sell Their Homes More Quickly

Selling a home can be hard, but certain things can make it harder. One example is being a pet owner. Home buyers may be less interested in a home in which pets have lived than one without pets. Whether they’re worried about hidden damage or allergens, the key when you’re selling your home as a pet owner is to make it appear that you don’t have a pet. Read on for tips on how to do that and then contact Neue Focus at (424) 303-1351 to schedule your real estate photography session.

1. Repair Damage from Pets

If your pets have damaged any part of your home, then you should repair it before potential buyers come through your home. If there’s a stain on the carpet, get it professionally cleaned. If your puppy chewed up the baseboards, have them repaired. If there are claw marks on a couch and you plan to buy a new couch when you move, but it now so that the claw marks don’t show. Even one small piece of damage from a pet can give off the impression that there are many more damaged areas they can’t see.

2. Vacuum Every Single Day

You may feel like your pet doesn’t shed much, but it may very well leave behind more residue than you realize. You can count on potential buyers noticing it or smelling it. Vacuum every single day, even days without showings, to keep pet hair contained.

3. Thoroughly Clean Out Your Vents

You may be surprised to discover just how much pet hair gets caught in the vents of your home. Clean them out to get rid of pet smells, and make sure you are also wiping along the grating on the outside. Replace filters with ones that are specifically designed to deal with pet hair and dander.

4. Air Out Your Home

You are used to the smell of your home, but if there are pets there then it is likely it smells like it. Open your windows, air out the home, and do a deep cleaning. Keep the windows open when you can and neutralize the scent of your pets.

5. Hide Pet Items

Get rid of bowls, toys, leaches, bedding, cat litter – any sign of your pet. Do this not just when the home is shown, but when you have real estate videos or photos taken. If there are any signs of pets, some buyers may not even want to give your house a chance.

6. Check Your Photos for Pets

Finally, make sure that any photos you have displayed do not have pets in them. This includes family photos and candid photos. Taking them down for just a few minutes while you show your home can make a big difference in how interested buyers are.