Why Neue Focus?

  • Born and raised in LA
  • Love cars, architecture, food and anything LA
  • Cameras and photography is something we are very passionate about
  • We want to fill the void in industries that haven’t caught up with today’s standards

We Are Visual Storytellers

At Neue Focus, we believe in the power of storytelling. As visual designers, we craft a different approach to capture the essence and character of your real estate listing through compelling visuals to evoke an emotional and persuasive connection to your specific clientele.

We Are Tastemakers

With a background in design and advertising, we at Neue Focus have a discerning eye to what sells, what architectural features to highlight, and ultimately what story to tell.

We Know What Sells

It takes about 10 seconds to impress prospective clientele with your real estate photography. Control those crucial seconds with captivating photos and videos to draw them in.